Church of St. Bartolomeus in Kolín


Sperlink´s chapel

Sperlink´s chapel The chapel got its name from a significant town family, which held supporting right since the end of 17th century. The crypt of Sperlink family lying under the floor of the chapel was built in 1694. The altar of Saint Barbara comes from second half of 14th century. It was documented already in 1382. The painting of the Death by torture of Saint Bartholomeus Jan Antonín Sperlink commissioned the late baroque retable for altar in 1744. There are sculptures of angels made by Ignac Rohrbach (1691–1747). The original altar painting (it was damaged by fire in 1796) was replaced by a painting of Josef Kramolin, at expenses of Sperlínk´s son–in–law Martinelli. The painting of the Death by torture of Saint Bartholomeus painted by Petr Brandl, can be seen on the wall opposite to the altar. The gothic tombstone of Vaclav Valkoun of Adlar The painter made it for the church of Saint Bartholomeus in Kutna Hora in 1734. It was bought for Kolín cathedral as the embellishment of the provisional main altar raised in space, where choir is. There is late gothic Vaclav Valkoun of Adlar tombstone under it. It was a tombstone of hetman of Kolin manor since 1514.


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