Church of St. Bartolomeus in Kolín


The bell–tower

The bell-tower The master Jan Bartos built it in 1504. He built it for two bells, which disrupted the stability of nothern tower of the church by its move before. The pyramidal roof closed by a little tower was closing the bell tower originally. There was placed the baroque capsule with a little tower on it in 1724. There the Medieval astronomical clock was brought to The bell-tower the highest floor of the bell–tower by the initiative of dean Antonin Formandl in 1728. The astronomical clock was destroyed together with bells and roof frames by fire in 1796.

The set of the six bells cast in the Prague workshop of master Jan Kühner didn´t survive thank to the requisitions during the World War 1 and the World War 2. The bell–tower was walled in by the gallery and was obtained with the low cupola, which has the octagonal lantern at the top. The present form of the recostruction was led by Josef Mocker.

These bells can be found in the bell–tower in present days: Renessaince „Young cock“ (1610) comes from Kolin place of execution allegedly. There are also „Bartolomeus“ and „John Paul“ bells made by workshop of Rudolf Perner in Pasov, where are ordered another five bells. The bells Jan Křtitel, Prokop and Florian Three of them („John the Baptist“, „Prokop“ and „Florian“) are placed in the millers´ chapel. The listing of the bells ends with Vaclav (1562) and Sanktusnik; they were brought from the church of Saint Vitus at Kolin Zalabi.

The vaulted room in raised ground floor served as the first public library in the second half of the 19th century. It was founded by dean Jan Svoboda. The highest floor of the bell–tower shelters a room, which served as flat of the town crier.


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