Church of St. Bartolomeus in Kolín


The chapel of Kokovsky

The chapel of KokovskyThe name of this chapel reminds of its patron Valentin Kokovsky († 1701), who held office of the mayor in Kolín during 80s and 90s of 17th century. The chapel was placed in the older part of the cathedral in 1400. The retable contemporary altar of the enouncement of Virgin Mary is made out of the remaining parts of a few altars from 17th – 18th century. There are two baroque paintings with scenes from the Passion, which are hung on the side walls. They come from the time after 1700. The carved balustrade, which closes the entry to the chapel comes from the same time. Two Empire–style candleholders belong to its equipment. They come from the chapel of Kolín castle.

There are two sculptures of angels–linkboys by the entry from 1730. There´s a baroque statue of Saint Teresa of Avila, which comes from the end of 17th century. It´s put in alcove of the wall–up window above the arcade.


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