Church of St. Bartolomeus in Kolín


The charnel–house

The charnel-house The dean Antonin Formandl is the building owner of Kolin charnel–house, which is in the immediate neighbourhood of church choir. The building (according to the design proposition of an unknown architect) was built out of stonework that comes from the early gothic corner bastion in 1733. It has the shape of the four–sided central chapel with the four half–cylinder apses with ground plan inspired by the Romanesque architecture in the spirit of the baroque historism. The middle space of the chapel is closed by a vault with four holes. It´s possible to see the upper closing celling through them, where the archangel Gabriel is painted depicting how he calls together the dead to the Last Judgement. The bones, which fill the apses, come from canceled Saint Bartholomeus graveyard. There are the symbols of the passing earth glory under their vaults – the patriarchal and the pontifical cross, the pastoral staff, the tiara, the sword, the sceptre with the pome. The interior, which decorates the altar of the saint cross, has the sculptures of Ignac Rohrbach depicting the Virgin Mary and John the Apostle on its sides. The four obelisks in the corners of the chapel were built from bones, which were brought here from the graveyard of Jonh the Babtist´s church at a Kutna Hora suburb in 1850. It´s thanks to the initiative of the dean Jan Svoboda. His uncle Frantisek Pstros let put together the sceleton with scythe in Prague the following year, which was placed on the right side from the entrance. There are engraved names of the soldiers with year 1757 into the plaster next to it. It´s the rememberance of The Seven Years´ War. The marble desk placed at the outer frontage on the left side from the entrance mentions names of the dead during the black death in 1680 – dean Vavrinec Mark Guigni and the members of the Kolin Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

There are standing the early baroque sculptures of Adalbert of Prague and Saint Prokop in front of the charnel–house on the sides of the portal, which were placed at the frontage of the church of Saint Vitus in Zalabi originally.


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