Church of St. Bartolomeus in Kolín


The malsters´ chapel

The malsters´ chapel The name of the chapel reveals to which one of Kolín guilds it belonged as a supported sanctuary. It also was used as burial site altar of Virgin Mary of a few significant people. For example, Jan Kolovrat Zehrovsky was buried here in 1373 (he was a member of the peace messengers of the king George of Podebrady going to western Europe). There are buried Kolin reeves as Jakub Jaklin of Vrabina and Michael George Salaj of Ciffera the child tombstone (†1673) – his late Renaissance tombstone was never finished. There is no date of death written on it and there is also no depiction of him under the crucifix. There is standing a late gothic baptismal font next to it. Ondrej Ptacek, the bell founder from Kutna Hora made it in 1495. There is the child tombstone of Maxmilian Pretlík above font from 1680. There Saint Ludmila is Pseudo–Gothic altar of Virgin Mary from 1895 at the place where the altar of Nativity was before (it´s standing in Saint Vaclav chapel now). The early barogue painting of Saint Ludmila from second half of 17th century decorates left wall.


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